Always A Work In Progress

Over the past month, this outdoor fitness – funshine loving gal (me) has slowed her roll and started to explore her inner yoga.

Freshman Downward Dog

Throughout the years I’ve taken a yoga class or two, but I couldn’t understand being in a cramped room, limited by the confines of a yoga mat (duck & cover).  The classes always seemed a bit claustrophobic.  At times the sequences a bit repetitive.  Clearly I wasn’t in majority.

In my defense, for fitness and fun I play in the woods, on trails, with resistance tubes.  In these open spaces I exhale completely, and marvel at the rhythm and flow of our natural environment.

Today, I have a new appreciation for yoga.  I am beginning to grasp the restorative ability in the practice, and the physical strength and power in the poses. Thank you Ana ~ Namaste

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
In health, fitness, and fun,
Tacoma Living Fit


5 thoughts on “Always A Work In Progress

  1. I tend to play outside too, and had the same thought about yoga.. Until I took a yoga in the park class, complete with view in the mountain… I kept going back for more every week all summer 🙂

  2. I’m completely in the same situation right now. My idea of ‘working out’ is hiking, mountain biking, etc… I have never taken a yoga class and a friend is convincing me to join her for her first….

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